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Finding Sobriety And Starting A New Life

Clean and Sober

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So many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol wish so bad deep down inside that they could just be clean and sober again. Finding sobriety and starting a new life is a huge life change that some just can’t accept or may not know how to go about this huge life change being clean and sober.

Alcoholics that have been drinking for many years feel as if their addiction is a big part of their life and wonder how they would get along in the world without their crutch to lean on.

So many alcoholics, including myself feel as if they are loss cause and will never find sobriety in their live ever again, but I was wrong, and so are the millions of people who are addicted to alcohol.  Finding sobriety and making a new life for yourself is very possible for each and everyone that has an addiction of any sort.  The problem is, they don’t want to take action to get clean and sober due to the fear of not having alcohol or d=rugs in their bodies.

They wonder, as I did, will I be able to survive in the world without my addiction tagging alone in my life?  Will my life get better if I stop drinking alcohol?  Will I be able to start a new life being sober or will things just stay the same and possibly be miserable without drinking or using?

Sobriety is always out there for your keeping, it’s just that many people choose not to take that road and continue on their road to self-destruction.

If you truly want to change your life and get clean and sober then the only way to do it is to just do it.  Nothing is holding you back from having a new life and living it sober.  You are in complete control of your life and you have the say whether you want to say addicted or make that huge change for the better.

Give your life a second chance and I have to tell you that when you do, you will ask yourself why in the world haven’t I done this years ago.  Everyone has the strength inside of then to make that change, but you need to want to change and not change because someone has threatened you, such as your spouse of dear friend.

Once you have admitted you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and get out of the denial you have been living in is when you will find sobriety. 

Stay positive and stay strong to yourself.  Keep telling yourself you can and will get clean and sober and not say to yourself that you don’t think you can do it.

With the willingness, desire and the determination to get sober, it will happen.  It will take some  hard work on your part to get and stay sober, but with that positive attitude and the three things mentioned above, you are on the right path and recovery is for sure.


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  1. Well written and well said Mark. It is hard, it is NOT fun, it is miserable and painful BUT it is worth the struggle. And what you say is true.. you have to want it.

    Comment by Beckie Gammon | November 25, 2011 | Reply

    • Hello Beckie and thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of this Holiday Season coming up.

      Comment by Mark Bruno | November 25, 2011 | Reply

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